Capitalize Words/Sentence Online Tool

Copy your text into this field and then click on "Capitalized Case" or "Sentence case" button to Capitalize yout text with this online tool.

What is Capitalize Words/Sentence?

Capitalize Words/Sentence is a tool that you can use to capitalize the words or sentences in your text. It is an online free tool on this website.

Why do I need Capitalize Online Tool?

It's usually a handy tool for designers, editor, writer, or anyone who write or publish something. Sometimes you need to capitalize each words or sentences to make the sentence or words pretty and easy to read. Especially for short texts. That's why you need a tool to do it for you as fast as possible with one click!

Is this an online free tool?

Yes, This is a word counter online free tool and you can use it free forever. Need to mention that all the tools in are free.