Letter to Lowercase Online Tool

Copy your text into this field and then click on "lower case" button to convert yout text to lower case with this online tool.

What is Letter to Lowercase tool?

Letter to Lowercase is a tool that you can use to convert upper case letters in your text to lowercase with only one click! It is an online free tool on this website.

Why do I need Letter to Lowercase Online Tool?

There are a lot of reasons for designers, editors, programmers, or any other user to use this tool. Because you may copy some text from somewhere and you suddenly see all letters are in upper case!

It really takes time to edit that text and convert it to lowercase! That's why you need a tool to do that for you in a second with one click!

Is this an online free tool?

Yes, This is a word counter online free tool and you can use it free forever. Need to mention that all the tools in Toolslake.com are free.