lorem Ipsum Generator Online Tool

First type how many paragraphs you need then click on generate to get you Lorem Ipsum text

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem Ipsum is a sample text that can be used as a demo version in designs, websites, programs, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Why do I need Lorem Ipsum Online Tool Generator?

This is a tool that mostly designers, programmers, and editors use. For example, they need a sample text to use in their design to check the space, fonts, etc to make sure that the design is perfect. And also programmers or web designers use this tool to generate some demo text to use that.

You can type the amount of text that you want, then it gives you some words and characters to use.

Is this an online free tool?

Yes, This is a word counter online free tool and you can use it free forever. Need to mention that all the tools in Toolslake.com are free.