Find and Replace Online Tool

Copy your text into this field and type what you want to find and replace on the other fields, then click on "Replace" button to find and replace with this online tool.

What is Find and Replace Tool?

Find and Replace Tool is a tool that you can use to replace a letter or word or even sentence with another one, only in one second! It is an online free tool on this website.

Why do I need Find and Replace Online Tool?

You may have a text that has some wrong words, letters, or sentences that has been repeated many times! It takes lots of time to edit them one by one.

With the help of this tool you can type the old words and then type the new words and with only one click, change them all in a second!

Is this an online free tool?

Yes, This is a word counter online free tool and you can use it free forever. Need to mention that all the tools in are free.